Electronics Organization

A few months ago I ordered a bunch of electronic components from some chinese ebay sellers. Among them was a 2500 piece assortment of resistors (50 values, 50 pc. each). I realized that i needed to get them organized if I was ever to actually use them for circuit building. After doing a little searching I decided on using the 9-pocket pages used for organizing baseball cards, and this is what I came up with.

Some materails:

And the finished product:

And now for the obligatory MasterCard rip-off

120 9-page pocket:$16

1 3-ring binder: free

2500 resistors: $15

Having all your electronic components neatly organized in a way that you can find them quickly: PRICELESS

I plan to extend this organizational method to all of my electronic components (small passives and discrete’s, big electrolytic don’t fit binders all that well). The resistors were a start, and since they are really hard to root through when they are all mixed since they  have no distinguishing characteristics except for the color bands. Ceramic and film capacitors are next, as well as the small discrete semiconductors (diodes, LED’s, small transistors, etc.)