After a lot of frustration with crappy brushless ESC’s, I was finally able to get the motor running. Turns out, both the “no-name” ebay brand, and the Turnigy had really crappy start up algorithms/running algorithms, so as soon as they got out of start up mode, they would loose sync and the motor would stall.

So the other night I was at MITERS and had my motor with me. Shane and Charles where there and lent a helping hand. First we tried Charles’s K-Force HV, which would behave exactly like my “no-name” ebay ESC, that is, it would run for several seconds, and then as it exited start-up mode, it would come to a screeching (literally) halt. Then we tried the same configuration with 2 of Charles’s “Ungodly huge big ass LiFePO4 battery packs.”

To make a long story short, Shane went and got his Turnigy Sentilon, which seems to have infinitely better start up and run algorithms than the k-force series. That, coupled with 2 of Charles’s metalpaxx resulted in some major motor action.

It topped out at ~3300 rpm with very little wobble (for a homemade motor that is). A big thanks to Shane and Charles for working with me to get it working.

Next step: buy a REAL Brushless motor controller (ie: Turnigy Sentilon)


3 Responses to “IT WORKS!!!”

  1. Harris Honickman Says:

    Congratulations on getting your motor working. When will you mount it on the razor?
    Be careful when you ride it.
    Don’t forget to return the parts that you borrowed from Shane and Charles.

    How are classes going?
    – Dad

  2. ChArLes Says:


    Also, I recommend skipping the Turnigy and going straight to a 36v mini-Kelly controller (only $60-100!) which has legitimate sensored communication and current control.

    That or bug shane for a 3PHHD.

  3. Notariusze Says:

    Nice to see your hard work working fine.

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