After a lot of frustration with crappy brushless ESC’s, I was finally able to get the motor running. Turns out, both the “no-name” ebay brand, and the Turnigy had really crappy start up algorithms/running algorithms, so as soon as they got out of start up mode, they would loose sync and the motor would stall.

So the other night I was at MITERS and had my motor with me. Shane and Charles where there and lent a helping hand. First we tried Charles’s K-Force HV, which would behave exactly like my “no-name” ebay ESC, that is, it would run for several seconds, and then as it exited start-up mode, it would come to a screeching (literally) halt. Then we tried the same configuration with 2 of Charles’s “Ungodly huge big ass LiFePO4 battery packs.”

To make a long story short, Shane went and got his Turnigy Sentilon, which seems to have infinitely better start up and run algorithms than the k-force series. That, coupled with 2 of Charles’s metalpaxx resulted in some major motor action.

It topped out at ~3300 rpm with very little wobble (for a homemade motor that is). A big thanks to Shane and Charles for working with me to get it working.

Next step: buy a REAL Brushless motor controller (ie: Turnigy Sentilon)