Trouble With in-hub brushless motor

I finally got a good working brushless ESC to test out my motor with, but it does not quite seem to be working properly. In the video below you can see how the motor runs for a few seconds, and then the the ESC cuts out, and the motor stops. I can get the ESC to restart by turning the throttle all the way to 0, then turning it back up, but the ESC behaves the same as before, cutting out a few seconds after the motor starts up. I have a feeling it may be a phase wound backwards, but I want to get some second opinions before I start cutting up my motor.

Other than this, the motor seems to be running nicely (if only for a few seconds). Also note that the motor was designed for 30v (8s) operation, and is only being run on a 4s (15v) battery pack.

So if anyone has suggestions, please put them in the comments below.